Choosing the right file sharing service for your needs


There are many file sharing services focused on free consumers as well as enterprise level users. Well know free services for regular user are DropBox, Box, Google, WeTransfer. Other, primary balanced to enterprise business, are Mimecast, EMC, Citrix.
Some major aspects about services you have to know before choosing the right one for your needs.

Security Security is always the key aspect of any service. Does the file sharing service offer file encryption .  What are the authentication methods.


Quality file sharing services must provide 100% service availability. This can be achieved by using automatic failover during outages or other interruptions.


Function rich administration control panel is mostly important to enterprise level users. Control panel must provide few levels of group administrators with different privilegies.


Wide range of supported devices is very important. You might want to use and share file starting from your smartphone to your full size PC or MAC and even on the smart TV. Cross operating system support should be discussed too.